Yorkshire Trod 100 & 50k Challenge
19th October 2019


Yorkshire Trod 100 & 50k

The Yorkshire Trod 100 is a brand new 100km, 24 hour challenge event based in the Yorkshire Dales starting and finishing in the village of Grassington.

There will also be a 50km option, which will be open to walkers as well as runners with an 18 hour time limit.

This is a self-navigated, low-key event with no way markers and few marshals so map reading, navigation skills and experience on the fells is a requirement of entering this race and you are agreeing to this rule when entering. A ‘Suggested route map’ will be shown but how you get to each check point is your decision as long as you do not cross private land. The route has been planned around public footpaths and open access land so no one has any reason to trespass.

The route takes you through Threshfield to Weets Top at Malham, along the shore of Malham Tarn before heading across the moor descending into Arncliffe. From Arncliffe (check point and food station) you will go through the villages of Litton, Buckden, Starbotton and Kettlewell (the 100 will climb Bucken Pike H-702m) before returning to Grassington where the 50km will finish. For the 100 you will recharge at the food station in the institute then continue to Burnsall. The route heads towards Trollers Gill dropping down to Parceval Hall before the climb of Simons Seat. Eventually you will cross near Barden Tower / Strid Wood climbing to Barden/Embsay moor for Cracoe War Memorial. You are now in sight of the finish, descending into Thorpe then making your way back to Grassington for a hot meal at Grassington institute.


Tracking & Checkpoints

Each participant will carry a tracker which we will monitor to ensure that all checkpoints are visited as most CP will be unmanned.

Water will be available roughly every 10-12km with the main feed stations roughly every 25k. The first food station is in Arncliffe Village hall, with a range of light snacks, pasta, cheese, bread, fruit and cakes. The second will be at 50k, serving a hot food option as well. Plus tea, Coffee and juices. The third food station for the 100k runners will be on Barden moor, serving hot drinks and snacks as at Arncliffe, then a hot meal at the finish in Grassington institute.


Start/Finish & Registration

Registration is at Grassington Institute. Registration will be open from 7pm – 10pm on the Friday night, then 6.30am – 7.40am Saturday morning. A full kit check will be done at registration and you will not be registered to race unless you have the required kit. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park and have the kit check.



The minimum kit for both 50k & 100k is as follows and random kit checks may be carried out on route at various checkpoints. Anyone who does not have the full kit will be taken out of the race.


  • Waterproof coat with fully taped seams
  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams
  • Long sleeved base layer
  • Long sleeved mid layer
  • Warm hat (buff is not enough)
  • Gloves
  • Map which covers the route, OL2 and OL30 or BMC Yorkshire Dales map
  • Compass ... and the skill to use it!
  • Whistle, Survival bag
  • Food ... 100g of emergency food as well as food to keep you going between food stations. Gels and jelly babies are not enough! Email us for advice if needed
  • A personal First-Aid Kit with minimum contents; 1 bandage, 4 safety pins, 1 wound dressing, 6 adhesive dressings
  • Head torch with spare batteries or extra head torch
  • Water bottle, cup and a spoon/spork


Route/Check Points

The route will not be way marked apart from the last couple of miles of the 100k. The following check points must be reached and your tracker will show if you have not reached the CP. Not all check points will be manned, you will not have to do anything other than run/walk within 1 meter of the CP.

The grid references for each CP are:

  • CP1, Moor Lane/Keighley Wood SD 951 608
  • CP2, Malham Tarn Car park SD 894 658
  • CP3, Arncliffe Village Hall SD 932 717
  • CP4, Litton SD 907 741
  • CP5, Buckden SD 943 773 ( 50k participants now go to CP 6, 100k go to CP 5B)
  • CP5B, Buckden Pike SD 961 788
  • CP6, Starbotton SD 954 747 (50k may continue along the dalesway footpath and do not need to cross the bridge into the village unless they want to use the Paradise footpath to Kettlewell)
  • CP7, Grassington Institute SE 003 642 (50k Finish)
  • CP8, Burnsall bridge SE 033 611
  • CP9, New Road SE 063 621
  • CP10, Simons Seat 078 599
  • CP11, Stangs Lane 060 593
  • CP12, Black Hill Car park SE 037 553
  • CP13, Cracoe War Memorial SD 993 589
  • CP14, Thorpe SE 014 618
  • CP15, FINISH Grassington Institute SE 003 642


Entry Fee 100k

  • Early bird before 01/03/19 £45
  • 01/03/19 - 01/06/19 £50
  • 02/06/19- 16/10/19 £55


Entry Fee 50k

  • Early bird before 01/03/19 £35
  • 01/03/19 - 01/06/19 £40
  • 02/06/19- 16/10/19 £45


Entries via Sientries open here!

Contact Mel Steventon:

Email info@DueNorthEvents.com

Call 07904 355848